The United Community Church has 7 auditoriums ranging from 75 to 1000 seat capacity and everything in-between.  We have 2 kitchens and 7 fellowship halls and a gymnasium.  Many churches have come to make the United Community Church campus their church home.

What UCC offers to its “partnering congregations”  is a beautiful campus, a Colorado St. address, plenty of parking, access to many facilities that we are privileged to have here.  We also enjoy a safe neighborhood that is provided by the City of Glendale, and "Glendale's Finest" the Glendale Police Department.  One other thing needs to be mentioned... we have 3 ineterstate entrance ramps, Freeways 2, 5, 134 , within a mile of the UCC campus.

The Heritage House



We have The Rose Chapel an old mission styled chapel built in 1921 where hundred of young couples down through the years has exchanged their wedding vows.  We have many lovely reception areas and various chapels.

Call the church office 818-240-4380 during business hours to schedule a tour and further details.