What We Believe

We can best be described as "conservative evangelicals".  We are Bible believing children of God.  We honor and exalt Jesus Christ.  He is our Shepherd, our hero and the one we praise and worship.

Our Distinctives

  1. We are a non Charismatic fellowship... many of our congregation have not sought the gift of tongues...nor has the Lord seen fit to give us this gift. Interestingly, though... we have many Pentecostals who attend our services regularly.  When asked why they like it here so much they respond... “Even though UCC does not practice the speaking of tongues you respect us who do, and you don’t make it a big deal or condescend to us. The Bible preaching and teaching is solid, we are fed, and… we get out on time".
  2. We are not KJV 1611 only... We are King James preferred. The Pastor quotes and preaches from the KJV, however, it is not the only version of the scriptures that we use.
  3. There are a lot of single people of all ages... never married, widowed, divorced, married to a non believer who will not attend worship with them. The United Community Church has traditionally and still is a church where single people are welcome.
  4. We are more of a spiritual hospital... not a spiritual museum.
If you need help, you want to be more like Christ, you want to put the old life behind,... we are here to help.  But the Pharisees... the holier than thou’s... they just don’t fit in here.  We’re not mad at you, but if your religion is a set of rules, if your purpose is to enforce your code of morality... this is not your place. If your religion is a person and that person is Jesus Christ... you will really enjoy it here.

A few years back we set out to codify our beliefs.  We stopped our attempts at such a task when we read the Baptist Statement of Faith 2000.  This is a well written document, and it is exactly what we believe.  To see this statement in its entirety, click here.