Our History

The United Community Church was founded in February of 1961 by William Steuart McBirnie.  Dr. McBirnie was a highly educated and hard working man. 

Dr. McBirnie was on the radio in those days with a 5 minute broadcast called The Voice of Americanism-A conservative view of the news. Through this broadcast he was able to attract many of his listeners in Southern California to the new church.

The church quickly grew to over 1000 in membership during the 60’s. 

The United Community Church was responsible for initiating and funding of the California Graduate School of Theology. Under Dr. McBirnie’s tenure, over 3500 pastors, missionaries and evangelists graduated from the graduate school.

Dr. McBirnie retired from our church in 1985.

The church for the next 25 years went through a slow decline in attendance and membership as the neighborhood changed.  In January 2009 the congregation which then numbered less than 50 people decided it was time to restart the church and it's called Dr. James Crall, one of its alumni from the California Graduate School of Theology, to the Senior Pastorate.  Today the membership is a growing, multi ethnic congregation.  The church has been going through a complete renovation with the goal of restoring the 3 ½ acres campus, to its original pristine condition.

Today we have as many as 15 congregations meeting on the UCC campus preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different languages.  The mother congregation, the English speaking congregation, meets every Sunday morning in the 221 Chapel at 9:30 for Sunday School, 10:30 for worship followed by a catered lunch that begins at about 11:45. The church is a dynamic congregation of young immigrants. Only 3 of our elderly members from before the restart are still with us. Most have gone on to be with the Lord. The most prominent and popular of the old crowd is the widow of our late founder, Dr. June McBirnie... 93 years old... still serving our Lord through her counseling ministry.

We love these old timers who essentially handed us the keys and gave us the freedom to drive the bus.  In a day when only 14% of USA congregations, that have experienced serious decline in attendance are able to restart, UCC is privileged to be counted among that small group who have not only successfully turned the church around but are thriving and growing.