Our Associations and Missionaries

In May of 2014 the United Community Church voted to partner with the Southern Baptist Convention.  We had been supporting numerous Southern Baptist entities among which were the International Mission Board, and the North American Mission Board.  We also had adopted the Southern Baptist Statement of Faith.  Our founder, Dr. Mc Birnie was an ordained Southern Baptist Minister, so is our present Pastor Dr. James Crall. Those and various other reasons brought us to the unanimous decision to become one of the 48,000 of this great cooperative of “like precious faith” churches.

We support the cooperative program, and we also support a number of independent missionaries.

The United Community Church contributes 11% of its entire revenue to mission support, outside of the UCC walls.  The following is a list of our missionaries that we presently support:
  • Rock of Israel
  • Jewish Outreach International
  • Bethlehem Ministries - Israel
  • New Life Associates - India
  • Avenues Pregnancy Center - Glendale, CA
  • Victory Outreach - Eagle Rock, CA
  • International Christian Family Network
  • International Mission Board
  • North American Mission Board
  • McBirnie Foundation
  • Pacific International Theological Seminary
  • Alegria Bible Baptist Church - Philippines
  • Kids Alive International
  • Emanuel Baptist Rescue Mission - Los Angeles, CA
  • World in Need Baptist Church - Cebu City, Philippines
  • San Fernando Valley Southern Baptist Association